An “empowered and euphoric” birth

The Surrey Homebirth Team are amazing, their expertise and level of care meant that we were confident and at ease about birthing at home, despite having complications at the beginning of our pregnancy. We had been unable to have a homebirth with our first child and being able to have one with our second enabled us to have such a different, positive experience. From the fantastic antenatal care given at home, the birth being so calm and empowering to the post-partum care being like a good friend popping over for a cuppa!

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What is…the Friends and Family Test?

Your experience matters to us.

The nationwide NHS Friends and Family Test is a quick and anonymous way for NHS commissioners to gain feedback about the services they are providing. It is a opportunity for you and your families to tell us how you think our maternity service is doing.

You will be asked if you would be happy to recommend our services to your friends and family.

Your response, along with any additional comments, helps us evaluate the quality of care we are delivering to our clients and make improvements where necessary.

The government requires us to collect feedback from at least 15% of our client group. Every text & every postcard counts towards The Royal Surrey County Hospitals measured score.

You can find out even more about the Friends and Family Test on the NHS Choices website