Ingredients for a positive birth

This amazing mother fully prepared and planned for a positive birth including developing a birth plan that covered all eventualities.

Education, maternal instinct, birth support and a trusting relationship with her named midwife ensured her little ones safe arrival earthside.

When circumstances indicated the need for a change in plan this family was already informed of their choices and had a considered alternative plan ready


A nice normal family

It was a family affair as the team were privileged, for the second time, to support this lovely family as they welcomed their newest edition in to the world at #home over night. She was in quiet a hurry to meet them! #HomebirthJustHappened

Faithful Companion

Over night the team supported these experienced parents welcome their second baby in to their arms in the comfort of their own home supported by their first born. It was all a bit too much for the dog who slept through the whole thing! #HomebirthJustHappened #HomeSweetHomebirth #continuity #Information #Choice #Support