This week the team had the privilege of supporting these first time parents as they navigated the choices before them and developed a birth plan that felt right for them and their baby #BirthIsAmazingWhereverItHappens #continuity #Support #Choice #BetterBirths @RSCH_Maternity

The perfect spot

The team were delighted to supported this experienced mum as she found the perfect spot to birth her baby, at home in the pool #HomebirthJustHappened #HomebirthWaterbirth #Continuity #BetterBirths @RSCH_Maternity

You are invited…

This summer the team is celebrating its 8th anniversary of providing a #NHS #continuity #Caseloading #Homebirth service for families booked with @RSCH_Maternity

If you are planning to birth with us or if you have been supported by the team in the past come along and help us celebrate!

Glastonbury Alternative

Unfortunately this couple had to return their Glastonbury tickets this year as they had a more pressing engagement!

It was an absolute pleasure to support these first time parents as they welcomed their little girl in to the world at #home supported by their named midwife #HomebirthJustHappened