“Just a little note to say thank you for all of your support in bringing our little girl in to the world.

Lucy made me so excited about birth and gave [redacted] the confidence to support me and be apart of the birth.

Caroline’s advice on baby care will also stick in my head- Pringle fingers and poo pockets. She also gave me the confidence to have a positive hospital birth once we knew that was the route we were taking.

Kirsty and Becca have been great now our little one is here and helped us adjust to parent life.

Thank you so much for everything,

Lots of love,


Myth-Busting: Am I a Homebirth sort of person?

Homebirth Myth-Busting

Question: Am I a Homebirth Sort of person?

Answer: Maybe

There is no set “homebirth sort of person”,
homebirth can suit people with a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. Home birth allows many women to remain in their own familiar and comfortable environment.

The main hormones that facilitate labour, Oxytocin (the love hormone) and Endorphins (your natural morphine), are produced when you are relaxed, safe and comfortable. The best place to birth is where you feel safe, supported and empowered.

In their recent systematic review,
Reitsma et al (2020), explored the outcomes of 500,000 planned homebirths. They Concluded that “Among low-risk women, those intending to birth at home experienced fewer birth interventions and untoward maternal outcomes.”

If you are having midwifery led care (low risk), you are an ideal person to consider a homebirth.

If you have additional considerations recommending obstetric input in your pregnancy and would like to explore the option of homebirth, please contact the team for an individualised discussion.​

For more information about birthing at home contact the team for a chat at rsch.homebirth.referrals@nhs.net

Read this birth story of a previous client who didn’t think that she was a homebirth sort of person before she met the team https://surreyhillshomebirth.org/2016/09/20/home-birth-sort-of-person/

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Hello my name is Becca and I have joined the Surrey Hills Homebirth Team in June 2020.

I am so excited to join this team of dedicated midwives. I know that continuity of care  and caseloading are the safest and most gratifying experiences I can give to the family’s I care for.

I grew up in a very busy household (7 brothers and 1 sister!!). Having planned to give birth at home with her fourth baby, my mum has always talked about having a friendly familiar face throughout all of her later pregnancies and how this improved her relationship and trust in her self and her midwife who she still remembers fondly all these years later.

I started my training in 2014 in Worcester and since qualifying I have worked in Somerset and in Essex. I am now looking forward to coming home to the beautiful Surrey hills with my husband.

I am looking forward to individualising my care for you to create your perfect pregnancy, blissful birthing environment and fabulous first days at home with your newborn.

If you would like to learn more about the team and birthing your baby in your own home contact us at rsch.homebirth.referrals@nhs.netto arrange a chat.

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Myth-busting: There’s no pain relief at home

Myth: There’s no pain relief available at homebirths

Truth: There’s a variety of pain relief options available for use at home, both natural and pharmacological.

These options are discussed in more detail during your initial chat with the team and during the homebirth advisory appointment.

Many Mums choose to use TENS in during their latent phase or early labour, which they purchase or hire themselves.

Lots of our clients also choose to hire birth pools which can be very effective in supporting labour. In 2019, 133 Mums used pools in their labours. Baths and even showers can also be ways of utilising water in labour.

As a Team, we carry Entonox or “Gas and Air”, which is available for women to use in labour. Many women find this very effective as a next step from using TENS or water.

We can also arrange a prescription of Meptid for women who would like this option. Like Pethidine, Meptid is an Opioid injection but is less strong. It can be very effective in the first stage of labour, particularly during a long latent phase where it can aid rest.