Find Your Wings


Being enabled, like being loved, is one of the marvels of the world’s benevolence. It is to be given wings.

― Renee Askins, Shadow Mountain: A Memoir of Wolves, a Woman, and the Wild

Today’s #HomeBirth flew in! Baby girl to complete this gorgeous family.

#FindYourWings #Continuity #Empowerment #InspireHomeBirth

Meet the team in April…

We have two forums planned for April.

The first will be held on Monday the 3rd of April at Loseley Fields Children’s Centre, Binscombe, and the second will be held on Thursday the 20th of April at The Community Centre, Sundridge Rd, Woking.



The forums are a fantastic opportunity to meet the team and local home birthing families. They provide a relaxed, informal setting in which to explore your birth place choices and share #PositiveBirth experiences.

For more information about our upcoming forum dates and venues visit our Forum page here