Both big sisters got themselves ready for school this morning without any prompting so that they could enjoy cuddles with their new baby sister #homebirthjusthappened @RSCH_Maternity #choice #continuity #betterbirths #matexp #homebirth #NoPlaceLikeHome #PugICorn #pugs


Blooming Lovely

This little one went through a few twists and turns before

settling on a head down position and birthing at #home !

The third baby for this lovely family, second #homebirth with the team and first daughter! #Homebirthjusthappened #continuity #choice #teamwork @RSCH_Maternity

October 2018 Stats continued

Following on from the fantastic infographic Jodie created at the start of the month we wanted to spend some time exploring a few of our stats.

Today we are looking at our transfer rates.

In October we had a caseload of 17 pregnant clients.

4 of our clients changed their planned place of birth prior to labour. The reasons for change of planned place of birth were maternal choice (n=1), premature (prior to 37 weeks) labour (n=2) and Induction of Labour (n=1).

13 women planned to birth at home at the onset of their labour. Of these clients 11 birthed their baby at home as planned.

Two clients were transferred to the Royal Surrey County Hospital in labour. The reason for transfer were prolonged first (dilating) stage of labour (n=1) and prolonged second (pushing) stage of labour (n=1).

All of the clients who transferred to the Royal Surrey for their baby’s birth (n=6) had normal (unassisted) vaginal births.

9 of the 11 families who birthed at home remained at home. 2 families transferred in after their baby’s birth. one for Retained Placenta and one for postnatal observation of the baby.