Bye bye bear

‪Another farewell this week as this family embarked on the next step of their parenting journey. Sometimes birth plans change but it’s always a privilege to walk beside couples as they navigate their options and birth their babies #continuity #namedmidwife @RSCH_Maternity ‬

Regal observer

‪It was an absolute pleasure to support this experienced mum this evening to birth at #home with this rather regal observer.

This families third baby born at home with the team #continuity #HomebirthJustHappened #HomeWaterBirth ‬

Be a pineapple

Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!

It been an absolute delight to support this sweet family as they prepared for their baby’s arrival, as they adapted to changes in their plan, and over the first precious days at home as a new family #continuity #BirthIsAmazingWhereverItHappens @RSCH_Maternity ‬

Warm welcome

It’s such a joy to be welcomed by all members of the family!

Last week we were delighted to be able to support this family as they birthed their little boy in to the world in #water #VBAC #namedmidwife #continuity #BirthIsAmazingWhereverItHappens @RSCH_Maternity #choice