The Birth Of Oscar Daniel

Baby Oscar Daniel was born on Tues 26th at 5:40am weighing 7lb15 having been cooked to a whole 41weeks 5 days!

Having had a pretty traumatic experience with our 1st born where we both came out feeling like we had been hit by a bus and took months to recover I was keen to do everything in my power to avoid a repeat. Especially after eventually getting pregnant following multiple miscarriages and needing to be on Progesterone for 20weeks to keep him safe. A Complete Placenta Previa from early on required early admissions and me having to give up most of my physical work to keep him safe. The fear set in of what was to be for the rest of the pregnancy.

However, at 28 weeks we were told much to our delight that all was normal and yes we could even be under the home birth team!

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