A Home Filled With Love

The girl power was in force today as a second little lady made her arrival earthside on #InternationalWomansDay and in to her mothers awaiting arms in their new home #continuity @RSCH_Maternity



This morning the team supported this powerful second time mum birth her beautiful baby boy in to the world #homebirthjusthappened @RSCH_Maternity #affirmations #mindset #continuity #confidence #choice #BetterBirths

Hale Lodge March 2018

As I embark on writing down my birthing story I stop and look down at the most precious and beautiful sight – my newborn baby girl.

The beginning seems a crazy place to start – to imagine all the steps that led to the ‘welcome to the world’ moment!

I envisioned a Homebirth to be calm, relaxed and empowering and it proved to be that and sooooo much more.

‘Breathe in inspiration and trust yourself, the answer is yes you can’ Continue reading

Authentic Self

We know that a birthing body works best when it feels safe, secure and unobserved . For clients who choose to be cared for by the Surrey Hills team that means birthing in their own home, cared for my midwives they’ve had the opportunity to get to know. If you would like to learn more about #homebirth provision at the Royal Surrey County Hospital simply pop along to one of our informal forums or contact the team to arrange a chat in your own home.