Ten Tiny Toes

alt text: left hand with visible gold wedding band holds a newborn baby’s foot so that the sole is centred in the picture pointing towards the viewer

We are delighted to be able to share this birth announcement from another of the weekends little arrivals.

The silver lining in the team’s suspension has been being able to continue to support so many of our caseload while they birth at @RSCH_Maternity #continuity #BirthIsAmazingWhereverItHappens

It was all for you

alt text: print of Jane Austin quote “you must know… surely you must know it was all for you. Mr Darcy” is framed for out a cream mount within a silver frame.

The team had the very great pleasure of supporting this lovely family as they welcomed their second child in to the world.

While the location of their birth changed the essence of their plan remained: a calm, quiet pool birth in the near dark, supported by a midwife they had gotten to know in pregnancy

Support and Encouragement

This lovely mummy is a good friend to one of our team members providing her with support and encouragement when she decided to train as a midwife.

Seven years later it was the midwives privilege to return the favour and support and encourage her friend through pregnancy and birth!

Virtual Tour of the Maternity Unit

The talented people at the Royal Surrey County Hospital Photography and Graphics department have created a fantastic virtual tour of the RSCH Maternity Department, providing a concise overview of the birth place choices available to our clients.

It video showcases the hard work that has taken place over the last few years to enhance the aesthetic of the department and create a more comfortable, homely and hormone enhancing environment in which to give birth.

So grab a cuppa, sit back and take a virtual tour of the unit from the comfort of your own home. For those of you planning to birth your baby in the most comfortable and homely environment you know- your own home- this might be the closest you ever get to the maternity unit on level G. For those of you still exploring your options, the tour is a great starting point for your research.

The video is provided in addition to weekend tours of the unit which will continue to be offered to you from your 34th week of pregnancy and tours included with antenatal education classes. You can learn more about the Royal Surrey’s Education Classes (here) and in the The Little Bag section of this site.

Never afraid promote client choice through the use of social media, the team are well represented in the video. Listen carefully and you will hear the soothing voice of our very own Deana Frost narrating the antenatal section of the tour. At 05:02 you can watch our mighty team leader, Tanya Ashton, promoting birth at home and the work of the team. Even this blog makes it’s YouTube debut at 05:25!

For more information about Maternity at the Royal Surrey County Hospital click here

The Birth Of Oscar Daniel

Baby Oscar Daniel was born on Tues 26th at 5:40am weighing 7lb15 having been cooked to a whole 41weeks 5 days!

Having had a pretty traumatic experience with our 1st born where we both came out feeling like we had been hit by a bus and took months to recover I was keen to do everything in my power to avoid a repeat. Especially after eventually getting pregnant following multiple miscarriages and needing to be on Progesterone for 20weeks to keep him safe. A Complete Placenta Previa from early on required early admissions and me having to give up most of my physical work to keep him safe. The fear set in of what was to be for the rest of the pregnancy.

However, at 28 weeks we were told much to our delight that all was normal and yes we could even be under the home birth team!

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