Celebra-tea and Bubbles

The team were delighted to support these first time parents as they welcomed their baby in to the world in their own #home with the support of their named midwife. Celebra-tea for the midwives while the parents went traditional #HomebirthJustHappened #Continuity @RSCH_Maternity



The team were blessed with a second birth today. This experienced family birthed their third child, their first daughter and first homebirth, at home supported by their named midwife and the Student Midwife who has been following their case for months

Birthing Queen

While it seemed that half the world awaited news of baby Sussex we here at Surrey Hills have been waiting for news of our own Royal (Surrey)Baby!

This morning the team supported one of our fabulous senior midwives as she gave birth at home with the midwife who’s supported her throughout all of her pregnancies