Short and Sweet

My birth story for my second home birth…. almost 6 months after the event!! It’s short and sweet… 💕

So it was 4 days after my ‘due’ date, I had put Merlin my almost 2 year old
son to bed and went to bed myself as normal. Was having my normal braxton hicks but they felt a tiny bit different, like they were more in my back. I also couldn’t sleep and just felt different so turned the TV on… feeling a bit… restless I went for a wee and felt an odd click inside me! Went back to bed and felt another click… 30’seconds later… whoooooosh! My waters broke!!! I didn’t get this with my first birth until I was pushing so it was actually quite cool! I comedy style ran across the bedroom to the loo trying to catch it all with my hands 😂
We rang Deana and told her it had begun and she said to call back when the contractions were 4-5 mins apart lasting more than a minute.
I went all cold and shaky with the adrenaline and turned to nathan and just said…”this is going to go really quick”. Weird how I knew but I just did! A few minutes after calling Deana we realised the contractions were already only 3 minutes apart and lasting over a minute. So we quickly called her back and she told me to get in the pool to try and slow things a little. This worked for one contraction, then it was straight back into it! Things got very powerful very quickly and I was soon mooing and rocking back and forth in the pool.
Sarah and Deana arrived with the lovely gas and air and 45 minutes of mooing later, my beautiful Orla arrived.

So from start to finish it was around 2 hours! Speedy, calm and all at home. Beautiful!! X

I don’t have enough good words to say about The Surrey Hills homebirth team. Truly incredible ladies.



Sibling Swim

Hello everyone,
I’m lying here being subjected to Peppa Pig by my eldest daughter (2) and having a lovely cuddle with my now 1 week old, feeling very content – regardless of Peppa! 🙄
The reason for feeling this way, I am 100% sure of, is down to the birth of our second daughter.
On Friday 22nd Sept at 5:30 in the morning, I woke up to thinking I had wet the bed 😱 ‘surely that’s not my waters?!’ I ran, crossed legged across our bedroom to the toilet and debated what was happening…I was induced and had several interventions with my first, so this was new territory for me.
From there my surges came thick and fast, and with a quick phone call to my lovely midwife Alice from the Home birth team before I knew it, I was in the birthing pool with my 2 year old. Who thought it would be nice to have a cuppa and copy my breathing 😂

With childcare sorted, my mom and the midwives on their way too, I could relax in the pool and allow the surges to intensify and I drifted with them. What felt like hours and hours turned about to be an hour of being in the pool and after 25 minutes of pushing and feeling that amazing moment of my child being born, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world.

I still cannot get over the feeling of complete amazement whilst allowing my body to push naturally, of feeling that this was so right and empowering, I remember thinking ‘I’m doing this!!!’ I wouldn’t have done it though without the support of my midwives, my husband and Mom and their encouragement and faith in my ability.

I couldn’t believe how different this birth was to my first and how it put a lot to rest from that first experience too. The main thing is though, that both my daughters safely arrived into this world, but being in your own environment and having your own things round you, definitely makes the experience better.
Thank you for letting me share x