The Royal Surrey County Maternity Unit are committed to providing a safe and effective home birth service. This month they put their money where their mouth is and arranged for two members of the home birth team and seven community midwives, who regularly support the team, to make the (nearly) 400 mile round trip gorgeous Wales to attend the ASAP- Appropriate Skills for Appropriate Places-course.

This award winning, Royal Collage of Midwives approved course, provides midwives with the space to explore time critical birthing situations in a calm and reflective environment, to better prepare them for these rare events within the community and home birth setting.

The course was attended by midwives from all over the UK and everyone agreed that not only did they benefit from the course -the role-play situations, and the vast knowledge and experience of the course facilitators- but from the experience of meeting with a room full of experienced Home Birth midwives and the time to reconnect and train together as a team.

We will be taking these experiences back to our practice development team and looking to include the methods used in to the annual training of the entire community and home birth service.

Meet the team…June 2017

We will be hosting our next monthly, informal, forum in Farnham in June.

The forums are a fantastic opportunity to explore your birth place options. You can meet the team and share tips and positive birth stories with families who are planning or who have had their babies at home, while enjoying a cuppa.

Wether you are certain that home birth is the right path for you, or you are just starting to explore your choices for birth, the Surrey Hills Team would be delighted to meet you and answer and question you might have about birthing your baby at home.

No need to book.

Partners and children are very welcome.


Visit our Forum page here for alternative forum dates and venues and for other events at which you can meet members of the team

Birth By Numbers


The absolutely best way to celebrate International Day of the Midwife, by watching a new family welcome their beautiful baby in to the world! #IDM.

This birth was extra special for the assembled team. This was the second generation the doula has supported this family and it also marked one of the midwives 100th birth!