Supporting The Whole Family


One of the joys of #Homebirth is that it can involve the entire family!

We are supported in our work by a group of fabulous community midwives who attend as our seconds when  we support birthing families. Here one is ensuring that this family’s fluffy baby is reassured  during the arrival of it’s hairless sibling.



Summer Party Sneaky Peek*

We had such an amazing time celebrating the team’s 5th “birthday”. Thank you so much to everyone who came along and made the afternoon so special. It was wonderful to catch up with you all. A special thanks to Jane  (team founder) and Sam (team midwife until Jan 2016), who stopped by to celebrate with us.

It was especially magical to see the team’s oldest (five years) and youngest (nine days) “babies” enjoying the festivities!

While the Royal Surrey has had a home birth service for many years the formation of a dedicated team of case loading midwives only occurred in June 2011. We are very lucky to have developed such an established service in a relatively short period of time.

As a team we are very aware that other midwives do not have the luxury of being able to practice they way we do, that some areas of the country don’t have a dedicated case loading home birth service, are only just beginning to develop one, or are having to join together with their service users to  fight tooth and nail to maintain theirs.

We know that we owe the success of the teams establishment within the community to the fantastic work you all do sharing your positive experiences and passing on your word of mouth recommendations. We certainly don’t take the privilege of providing this service and working with your wonderful families lightly.  So, Thank you for everything you do to promote the team to your friends, families and the communities of Surrey and Hampshire.

Same time next year?!

*We are hoping to share some more of the wonderful images captured of the day. We just need to tick some boxes and cut through some red tape first. If you came to the party and you are happy for us to share your image for the purpose of publicising the team and its service, and you haven’t already completed a consent form, could you please get in touch with us at tanya.ashston@nhs(dot)net titling your email, Photography consent.

The Surrey Hills Team Celebrate its Fifth “Birthday”!

“It was a calm and empowering experience”

Five years ago Cheryl Cooke was the first mother to be supported by Royal Surrey County Hospital’s newly formed home birth team.

Here the sports masseuse explains why she is once again planning to welcome baby number two without setting foot outside her front door.

“When I was pregnant with Zara I was keen to go down the most natural route possible,” said the 40-year-old from Ash, Surrey.

“I quickly decided that the hospital environment was not for me and I wanted to give birth in my own way and be in total control of the situation.”

Cheryl discovered Royal Surrey’s newly formed Surrey Hills Home Birthing team.

She welcomed Zara, now aged five years, into the world on June 2011, from the comfort of an inflatable birthing pool in her living room.

“I managed to stay relaxed because I was in my own home,” said Cheryl.

“I was calm and just trusted my body to know what it was doing. It proved to be the most wonderful, calm and empowering experience.

“The home birthing team were just brilliant.”

Senior midwife Tanya Ashton said: “Woman can refer themselves to the home birthing team at any stage during their pregnancy.

“As a team of midwives, we are all passionate about home birthing and we are all equipped with the knowledge and expertise to achieve the safest outcomes for mother and baby, as well as providing a positive birthing experience.

The Home Birth Team will be holding a Summer Party for families past and present, as well as those interested in finding out more about the service, on August 6.

It will take place between 1pm and 4pm at Lawnsmead Hall, Wonersh, Surrey, and all are welcome..

Tanya added: “This promises to be a fantastic event not just for our families past and present, but also for those who would like to find out more about home birthing.”

To find out more about Royal Surrey County Hospital’s home birth team visit or  contact the team directly on 07467339395 or email