Girl Gang

We were privileged to support this experienced Mum overnight as she birthed her little girl at home. 2 excited big sisters were woken from their slumber in the middle of night to meet the newest member of their family. A girl gang!

Cord cut by the biggest sister and all intrigued by the placenta check – such a wonderful way to normalise birth for the next generation! #HomebirthJustHappened

Hello World!

Our second arrival of the day yesterday! The team had the privilege of supporting this incredible Mum to birth her little boy at home in the pool with her named midwife present – the Homebirth she had dreamed of. What a wonderful surprise for his big brother to come home to after school! #homebirthjusthappened

Beautiful Baby Boy

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of supporting this incredible mother as she welcomed her son earth side at home in the pool with her named midwife. A second baby and first Homebirth for this lovely family. His gender was an exciting surprise for his Mummy and Daddy, and his excited big sister who couldn’t wait to meet him! #Homebirthjusthappened

Powered by ice cream

alt text: slightly crumpled Selero ice cream box

Last week the team has the pleasure of supporting these first time parents welcome their little girl in to the world.

This particular arrival was powered by #icecream ! While labouring on one of the hottest days of the year this mum needed a little cooling energy boost! 30 minutes later her little one arrived earthside!

#homewaterbirth #Homebirthjusthappened

BRAIN: The Benefits of Homebirth

Research over the last two decades has found that planned home birth is at least as safe as hospital for healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies, it is also associated with good outcomes for birthing parent and babies

Clients choosing home birth are half as likely to have a caesarean section, half as likely to have an assisted delivery and have a lower risk of haemorrhage and infection, perception of pain is reduced, and babies born at home are less likely to need resuscitation

Overall studies have shown that clients who give birth at home feel more in control of their labour and feel it was a positive, empowering experience. They enter parenthood with increased self esteem and have an overwhelming preference for planning home birth again for future pregnancies.

In their recent systematic review, Reitsma et al (2020), explored the outcomes of 500,000 planned homebirths. They Concluded that “Among low-risk women, those intending to birth at home experienced fewer birth interventions and untoward maternal outcomes.”

Further findings from the Lancet (2020) study demonstrated that people with uncomplicated pregnancies planning ​homebirths, when compared with those with similar health backgrounds intending to give birth in hospital were…

40% less likely to have a caesarean birth

50% less likely to have an instrumental birth

70% less likely to have an epidural

55% less likely to have an episiotomy

40% less likely to have a 3rd or 4th degree tear

60% less likely to have their labour augmented (sped up) using an oxytocin drip

The Surrey Hill’s team stats also reflect these findings and in 2019 98% of their clients had vaginal births.

The main hormones that facilitate labour, Oxytocin (the love hormone) and Endorphins (your natural morphine), are produced when you are relaxed, safe and comfortable so the best place to birth is where you feel safe, supported and empowered.

If you are having midwifery led care (low risk), you are an ideal person to consider a homebirth. If you have additional considerations recommending obstetric input in your pregnancy and would like to
explore the option of homebirth, please contact the team for an individualised discussion.

To discuss your birth place options further, including the Benefits, Risks and Alternatives of Homebirth contact the team at

For more information on BRAIN see this post from Royal Surrey Maternity

A very special delivery

alt text: cross stitch of a stylised yellow giraffe with pink and blue spots stands beside a stylised flower. A small grey and white bird sits upon the giraffe’s back. The cross stitch is framed with a cream mount within a silver frame. The frame rests upon a grey carpet

The team are delighted to share this very special birth announcement. Our very own Anna welcomed another beautiful daughter in to the world with the support of her husband and team midwife Kirsty.

We need you to help us celebrate 9 years of the Surrey Hills Homebirth Team

Due to social distancing restrictions we won’t be able to host this year’s summer party and reunion. We can’t let the team’s 9th anniversary pass without celebrating in some way so we would like to mark the occasion virtually on our blog and across our other social media platforms.

We had already decided after last year’s Circus Themed: Your Body, Your Baby, Your Show! that this year we would have a superhero “I grow humans, what’s your superpower?”

The theme feels especially apt in the current pandemic. We are all in awe of all of our superhero families, growing, developing, birthing, teaching, learning, and loving each other in these unprecedented times and we would like to celebrate you.

We are going to dedicate the first week in August to celebrating our entire caseload, sharing your birth stories and testimonials and we would like to culminate the week with a slide show of our caseload, past and present, as you are now. From growing bumps to thriving nine-year olds and everyone in between we would love to share images of the caseloads “babies” and their families.

Superhero fancy dress is encouraged but completely optional. Lucy has created a selection of superhero signs that can be printed out and held up in your pictures if you’d like. We’ve left them black and white so feel free to colour and decorate as you like and there is even a blank hero template for you to add your own words of wisdom/superhero pun/memory.

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