We’re back!

As of 0800 on Monday the 11th of May 2020 the Surrey Hills Homebirth team has been reinstated!

Due to the additional measures we have had to put in place to protect our team and our caseload we regret that we have had to cap the number of clients we are able to care for and we cannot accept late transfers in to the team.

We are accepting new clients with due dates from August 2020 onwards (please note very limited spaces available in August).

If you are booked with the Royal Surrey Hospital and would like to learn more about birthing with the team get in touch via our contact form or ask your community Midwife to refer you.


“…My care from the home birth team came quite late into the pregnancy as we had moved to the area when I was 33 weeks, but instantly the team made you feel very welcome. The opportunity to meet you all has made such a huge difference to my mindset and knowing I had the support of you all made me feel at complete ease. It has been first class, you are a fantastic group of women who have turned my experience of birth into such a positive one. You have supported my decisions and fulfilled me with absolute confidence and calmness, and for that I’ll be eternally grateful.”

Surrey Hills Client May 2020

Homebirth Team Suspension

For the attention of all women currently booked for care with Surrey Hills Homebirth team.

In light of the current Global pandemic Covid 19 and national guidance from NHS England, it is with deepest regret that I have taken the decision to temporarily suspend our ability to offer women the choice to birth at home.

This decision has never been taken in the nine years that the Surrey Hills Homebirth team has been operational and clearly demonstrates the unprecedented events we are currently living through.

This decision has been taken with careful consideration of all options and potential risks to mothers and their babies. Two key considerations that affected this decision were;

• Support for the ambulance service to ensure that all of their resources can be directed to those most in need at this time

• Our ability to maintain safe midwifery staffing, which may not be possible within the smaller homebirth team if a midwife needs to self-isolate

I understand that this will be a great disappointment for you.  Please be assured that a safe birth for you and your baby is at the centre of every decision made throughout this period of readjustment of the maternity service.

All antenatal and postnatal care will continue to be provided by your midwives from the Surrey Hills team and they will be contacting you all by phone to make arrangements for this. It is possible that they will also be able to support your birth within the maternity unit. We are following all national guidance and can assure you that giving birth within the maternity unit is a very safe option.

If you have any questions, please contact your midwife in the first instance who will refer to myself or a member of the senior midwifery team for further guidance if required. Please be advised that this suspension is in place with immediate effect, and will be reviewed when the national lock-down restrictions, freedom of movement and normal staffing levels are restored.

Please accept my sincere apologies for this course of events.

Yours Sincerely,

Amy Stubbs

Deputy Director of Midwifery & Divisional Head of Nursing, Women & Children

Meet the home birth team in February

We will be hosting our first ever forum in Cranleigh thanks to the lovely people at Little Harriers Nursery who have kindly loaned us use if their venue for free.

Little Harriers Nursery

Building 139 Dunsfold Park,



The forums, held throughout the catchment,  are a fantastic opportunity to meet the team and local home birthing families. They provide a relaxed, informal setting in which to explore your birth place choices and share #PositiveBirth experiences.

All of our forums are held 09:30-11:30 as drop in sessions, so there’s no need to book and you can say for as long as suits you. Partners and children welcomed.

Other dates and venues scheduled, see our Forums page for details

Blue Celebration

‪On Saturday night we had the pleasure and privilege of supporting this amazing mum as she birthed her little boy in to the world at home in the pool supported by her named midwife while his two big sisters slept soundly upstairs.

#HomebirthJustHappened #continuity @RSCH_Maternity ‬

Roarsome Adventure

It was a busy day for the team on Saturday with three caseload babies arriving earthside. This little lady was the first to arrive in the early hours, her mother’s first #Homebirth, ready to join her big sister on lots of adventures! #HomebirthJustHappened #continuity #homewaterbirth #poolbirth #continuity