#InspireHomeBirth Tips

birth tips

The panel at the #InspireHomeBirth Conference 2016 were asked what their top tips would be for a women to have a better birth. The panel, including Ina May Gaskin and Sheena Byrom, turned the question back to the audience. This is a list of “top tips” suggested by the midwives, doulas, antenatal educators and other birth workers in attendance.

Ezra’s Home Birth

My pregnancy went smoothly and as the big day came closer I felt surprisingly calm about the prospect of giving birth.The due date came…and went. We reached the 41 week milestone and began to think we should help mother nature along. All the old wives tales got an airing: spicy food, long walks, reflexology and then Deana, our midwife, suggested a sweep…this seemed to do the trick and within 36 hours we were off!

It began with mild cramps early in the morning. At first I brushed these period-like pains off, surely this wasn’t labour, I tried to convince Jason, my husband, there was nothing to get excited about. However, within a few hours it became clear that this baby was on the move. The use of a tens machine then birthing pool helped keep me sane in the early stages.

We made the mistake of not blowing the pool up before hand which led to Jason doing breathing exercises with me when the contractions were at their peak whilst trying to inflate and fill the pool at the same time. We were in regular contact with Deana, and were able to let her know when she was needed…Jason’s reply when asked if he wanted her to come, “YES…please!”

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