Welcome Bunny

This sweet little bunny is the welcome gift from big sister for her Gorgeous new baby sister.

We were delighted to support this incredible Mama as she welcomed her little girl in the pool at home. A second homebirth for this lovely family, their first with the #SurreyHillsTeam.

The 3rd birth in our 6hr Homebirth Hat Trick on Sunday night πŸ€—

Watchful Eyes

This little dogwife was a bit unsure as to the turn of events happening in his house overnight, but he kept ever vigilant in keeping a watchful eye.
His Amazing Mama was supported by the Team as she welcomed her 2nd little boy earthside, in the pool at home.

Our caseload babies seem to be fine tuning, and Loving, playing tag recently. We supported 3 incredible Mama’s in just under 6 hours overnight, as they all welcomed their Gorgeous little ones at home πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’–
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Ello There Baby!

A little catch up from last week when we discharged this lovely first time Mama from our care.
She chose the options that felt right for her and was supported by our wonderful colleagues at Royal Surrey as she welcomed her little boy earthside.
Our circle of care continued with all her postnatal visits at home, until it was time to wish them well as they continue their postnatal journey as a family of 3!

New Mummy & Daddy

Supported by the Team a couple of weeks ago, this incredible first time Mama birthed her little boy in the pool at home.
The joy of Continuity of care has ensured that we have continued this support, at home through her early postnatal period.
And this week we said goodbye as they continue through the 4th Trimester and life as a family of three.

2020 Annual Stats

Here’s an overview of our Annual Stats from 2020 – an unusual year for everyone to say the least, but babies kept coming, and it continued to be magical to provide continuity to our caseload throughout 2020.

During 2020, Surrey Hills Homebirth team cared for a total caseload of 174 families – 84 baby girls and 90 baby boys! Of these families, 97 started labour at home. We are proud to support a mixed caseload of mums including both those requiring consultant input during pregnancy as well as those who are midwifery led care to make informed birthplace decisions. As well as prelabour clinical reasons for changes in planned birthplace, Covid had its own impact on our families birthing in 2020.

Of our Mums who started labour at home..
-98% had vaginal births
-61% birthed or laboured in a pool
-81% had physiological third stages
-88% knew the team members who cared for them in labour
-19 required transfer in labour, and 8 postnatally

Of our total caseload, including those families who birthed in hospital and we provided continuity for antenatally and postnatally,
a fantastic 97% were feeding their babies as intended on discharge to the health visitors.

During the height of lockdown 1 the team was temporarily suspended from providing Homebirths due to the impact of Covid on the ambulance service. This suspension lasted 7 weeks, from the 24th March till the 11th May. During this time the team covered labour ward shifts to support as many of our families as possible. 25 babies from our caseload were born during this suspension. Of these, the majority were cared for by the team and 96% had vaginal births.

In addition to the Covid suspension having an impact on the plans of those mums birthing during this time, it was naturally an unsettling time for Mums due in the following month, who had started to prepare for their midwifery led hospital birth. We continued to support our caseload throughout this transitional time.

2020 was a whirlwind and it was an absolute privilege as a team to support so many wonderful families welcome their bundles of joy during this unforgettable year!
2021 has been wonderful so far and we look forward to sharing our first quarterly stats with you soon!

If you would like to explore your option of Homebirth or arrange an individualised face to face appointment with a team member, get in touch:


The Waiting Game

Our second arrival of Monday – After keeping her waiting and pondering, alongside the ‘late pregnancy mind games’ of trusting the process, this little one chose Easter Monday as his birth date.
This incredible Mama welcomed her gorgeous little boy in the pool at home.
A 2nd homebirth for this lovely family, due to having moved area, her first with the Surrey Hills Team ☺️

Welcome Little One!

This Amazing mama was supported by the Team in the early hours of this morning as she welcomed her 2nd little boy earthside in the pool at home. A first homebirth for this lovely family.

It’s been a busy day for the team as we welcomed 2 caseload babies earthside at each end of the day. It’s all about the boys today!