A little Mermaid

Then five became six this morning as this little lady gave her mum the Waterbirth she had always dreamed of! 🧜‍♀️ #HomeBirthJustHappened #HomeWaterBirth #Choice #BetterBirths @RSCH_Maternity


Tiny Girl Gang

The team were delighted to support these experience parents as their welcomed their Third little lady in to the world, their first at home #HomebirthJustHappened #Homebirth #HomeWaterBirth #BetterBirths #Continuity


These first time parents absolutely rocked their baby’s birth. Initially a star gazer, this little man was given the time and space he needed to find his own path Earthside , in to his mothers arm. #HomeBirthJustHappened #Continuity

November Stats: Continuity Of Carer

Continuity of carer means consistency in the midwife that cares for a woman and her baby throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

It has been shown to correlate with numerous positive outcomes including;

24% less likely to experts preterm birth

15% less likely to need regional analgesia (Epidural)

16% less likely to have an episiotomy

Woman’s chances of having a spontaneous vaginal birth were also found to increase

(Cochrane Review 2016)

The Surrey Hills Homebirth team is a caseloading Midwifery Team. All women in our caseload have a named midwife and as they get closer to their birth have the chance to meet the other four members of the team.

Not only is continuity of carer overwhelming what women say they want, it also provides so much job satisfaction for midwives, we love getting to know families this way!

#Continuity #ContinuityMatters #BetterBirths #Caseloading #Midwifery #Homebirth