Every flower blooms

alt text: white, pink and blue wild flowers

“Every flower blooms in its own time”

‪After growing these flowers from seeds and waiting patiently for them to bloom this experienced mother was ready for her 4th child to arrive earthside when he was ready #HomebirthJustHappened #homebirth #Waterbirth ‬

Mother Earth

alt text: two graphic prints frames in thin white frames with white mounts hand on a white wall. The top print features a stylised planet earth on a pink background. The bottom print feature a stylised heart of pink, blue and green on a white background

It has been a privileged to support this experienced mum as she navigated her options and developed a birth plan that supported her to safely welcome her baby earthside at #home in the #pool #continuity #homebirthjusthappened


alt text: close up picture of the sole of a newborn baby’s foot resting on a white waffle blanket, the second foot can just be seen just out of focus at the top of the picture

It was a bittersweet day today saying goodbye to this lovely family who birthed their baby at the start of the month with our RSH colleagues. We have been privileged to support them throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period. #continuity


alt text: a glass vase of pink and cream flowers sits in front of a cream coloured wall. A blue heart shaped foil balloon with the words “baby boy” pokes out of the same vase

This amazing 1st time mum listened to her baby and followed her instincts to birth with our colleagues at @RSCH_Maternity where she absolutely rocked her birth bringing her baby in to the world with the aid of water. #BirthIsAmazingWhereverItHappens

Winter doesn’t last forever

Thank you for sending us this timely reminder that spring is here!

Massive congratulations and love to this family who had to change their birth plan at short notice, due to the knock of effects of #Covid19 , and birth with our wonderful @RSCH_Maternity colleagues. #waterbirth

We will continue to offer to post your birth announcements during this unprecedented time to offer our congratulations and our virtual love and support. #BirthIsAmazingWhereverItHappens


Lucy and the home birth team,
A huge thank you to you all for your continued support through our pregnancy and beyond.
Your care, time and attention had been incredible and so much appreciated by us all.
We are so grateful to have had this experience with you all…”

Blooming Gorgeous

‪Last week we had the pleasure of supporting this family as they explored the evidence and navigated their options to develop a birth plan that felt right for them #BirthIsAmazingWhereverItHappens @RSCH_Maternity #continuity #information #choice #support #BetterBirths ‬

Bye bye bear

‪Another farewell this week as this family embarked on the next step of their parenting journey. Sometimes birth plans change but it’s always a privilege to walk beside couples as they navigate their options and birth their babies #continuity #namedmidwife @RSCH_Maternity ‬

Hello little fella

‪Last week we said goodbye to this lovely family.

It was a pleasure to support them as they navigated their choices and made a birth plan that they felt comfortable and confident with.

As part of our model we make every effort to support our caseload wherever they birth their baby.

#BirthIsAmazingWhereverItHappens #continuity @RSCH_Maternity ‬