Warrior Mumma

This morning the team supported this amazing mum give birth to her little boy who decided at the last minute that he would much rather be born at home in the presence of his big brother than via Induction at the local hospital #homebirthjusthappened


Little Letter Writer

September 2018____________________________________To Jodie, Laura, Tanya, Heather and Caroline, (special thanks to Laura, Tanya and Alisha). My mummy and daddy wanted me to say thank you for delivering me safely in to the world. Mummy keeps telling me how wonderful you all were when I was in her tummy. When I was nearly out I could hear you saying nice things to mummy so I knew she was doing really well! Daddy doesn’t stop talking about how well you looked after me and Mummy. It was really nice being at home and Mummy, Daddy and I being able to get in to our own bed after I got out of the big swimming pool. I really liked that you kept coming to visit me after I was born to make sure I was ok (I’m sorry for having a wee on your scales- I didn’t realise my nappy was off!). I know that it’s a good thing that you don’t have to visit me any more but I will miss you all lots. I’m not old enough to eat chocolate yet but Mummy and Daddy day its really nice so I wanted to get you some to say thank you. Lots of love, E

Thank you for this lovely card baby E. We were very privileged support your parents and be present at you birth.

Lots of love,

Surrey Hills Team

Repeat Customer

We have been so blessed to experience such wonderful #continuity over the past few weeks with lots of “repeat customers” choosing the team to support them during their subsequent pregnancies and births.

Last night the team supported another brilliant mum as she birthed her baby at home, her second #homebirth with the team.

Whether you are new to #homebirth and the team or have experienced our care before we would love to discuss our service with you. Come along to one of our free, informal, no obligation forums to learn more.

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