Watchful Eye

Oh we do love a doula-doggo 🐢🀩 He calmly rested in the birth space just as a gentle, quiet presence in the background and is now continuing with his calming ways with his new little friend πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ₯° Overnight on Monday, we were delighted to support this Incredible First Time Mama at #home as she welcomed her Gorgeous little boy earthside πŸ’™ #HomeBirthJustHappened #SurreyHillsHomeBirthTeam #primip #firstimemama #homebirth #options #care #caseloading #continuityofcare #douladog #calm


We are delighted to share our second quarter of 2022 Team stats with you πŸ€— A wonderful 89% of our caseload who were planning a homebirth during their pregnancy had a vaginal birth. Of the 47 booked on our caseload. Caesarean section rate 11% Emergency Ceasarean 9% (4) Elective ceasarean 2% (1) induction of labour 4% (2) instrumental birth 0

🏑 89% of those who were planning a homebirth and started their labour at home, in our care, had a homebirth

🀰🏼94% of our mums in the whole caseload knew the midwife who cared for them in labour

🀰🏼 85% of our mums who birthed at home had a physiological 3rd stage (natural birth of the placenta)

🀰🏼4 x transfer to hospital in labour and 4 x transfer to hospital postnatally (21% total)

🀱 on discharge from midwifery care: 70% exclusively breastfeeding and 81% having some breast milk

Caseloading speaks for itself and is something we are truly passionate about πŸ€— To support fully informed birth choices is both a priority and privilege to us all in the Surrey Hills Team β­οΈπŸ’–πŸ˜©β­οΈ

If you would like to learn more about the team and birthing your baby at home , and you live within the teams catchment, please emailus at

I trust my body

We were privileged to support this Awesome Mama as she welcomed her Gorgeous little girl earthside in the #pool at #home just as she planned πŸ’–πŸ‘ This little one played the β€˜3rd baby game’ with her Mama but once she had decided on her birth date, she was then in quite a hurry! Older siblings were there to meet their new little Friend very shortly after birth, whilst they were still in the birth pool πŸ€— This lovely family’s 2nd pregnancy with the team and our circle of care continues into these early postnatal days πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’– #HomeBirthJustHappened #SurreyHillsHomeBirthTeam #physiologicalbirth #namedmidwife #labourgames #caseloading #continuity #choice #care

Calm and controlled

In the early hours, we were delighted to support this Incredible Mama as she calmly welcomed her Gorgeous little boy into her arms in the #pool at #home πŸ’™πŸ’« Big sister was asleep throughout with a wonderful wake up surprise to her new little friend and grandparents arriving for love and support πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ€— A 2nd homebirth for this lovely family, their first with our team #HomeBirthJustHappened #SurreyHillsHomeBirthTeam #caselaoding #support #options #care #physiologicalbirth #homebirth

Perfectly Timed

This Awesome Mama was support at #home as she welcomed her little Girl into her arms πŸ’–πŸ’« Perfectly timed, prior to moving house a few days later!! We continued to support her in the early postnatal days and she has now been discharged from our care to venture forward as a family of four in her new home πŸ€— #HomeBirthJustHappened #SurreyHillsHomeBirthTeam #namedmidwife #caseloading #perfectlytimedbaby #continuity #care

Embrace Your Journey

This Amazing Mama truly embraced her pregnancy and birth journey and made the choices that felt right for her as she calmly welcomed her Gorgeous little girl πŸ’– into her arms in the #pool at #home in the early hours of the morning πŸ’«πŸ’–πŸ€— This little one will have all the fun and adventures with her 2 older brothers #HomeBirthJustHappened #SurreyHillsHomeBirthTeam #vbac #birthplaceoptions #waterbirth #continuiy #care


The perfect start to the weekend was to support this Awesome First Time Mama as she totally rocked her birth in the #pool at #home just as the world was waking up and getting β€˜weekend ready’ πŸ’«πŸ€— This Amazing Mama was reading/revisiting this book in the early stage of her labour… With wonderful reminders for her to calmly welcome her little boy into her arms πŸ’™ #HomeBirthJustHappened #SurreyHillsHomeBirthTeam #primip #firsttimemama #caseloading #choice #birthplaceoptions #waterbirth

I am calm, open and safe

This little one was then in quite a hurry πŸ’–πŸ’¨πŸš™ But gave enough time for her Amazing Mama to get in the #pool and for us to support them at #home as she was calmly welcomed into her Mama’s arms πŸ’– Big brother was having a lovely afternoon out with a friend, followed by a pizza treat, where he proudly told all those around him that his new baby sister had been born at home πŸ€©πŸ’™πŸ’– #HomeBirthJustHappened #SurreyHillsHomeBirthTeam #waterbirth #physiologicalbirth #informedchoice #support #tagteambabies #flurryoffive

I’m New Here

Our #flurryoffour , soon turned into a #flurryoffive overnight, which meant five, beautiful babies were birthed into the arms of their Mama’s at #home in JUST over 24 hours (17 mins over, to be precise 😜) πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’™ This incredible First Time Mama spent most of her early labour snuggled up with her husband and their doggo, watching movies, keeping hydrated and having regular little snacks- the BEST way to spend this time πŸŽ‰ we can’t stress the importance of gentle Early labour care- It really does pay off. The team were delighted to then support her at #home a she welcomed her little boy earthside in the calm of the #pool πŸ’™We love these Hey Baby cards and all the love and positivity they bring… This extra special one is from his grandma who just can’t wait to meet him #HomeBirthJustHappened #SurreyHillsHomeBirthTeam #firsttimemama #waterbirth #physiologicalbirth # flurryoffive #tagteambabies #numberfiveoffive


Lion King Moment

Such a privilege to support this Awesome First Time Mama last week as she laboured at #home, and then continue our care alongside our lovely colleagues at Royal Surrey as she welcomed her Gorgeous little boy into her arms πŸ’™. Continuity of care works, and as a team, we do all we can to be able to support our caseload in the hospital environment as we know the difference this makes πŸ€— Our support has continued in the early postnatal period as this lovely couple settle in to becoming a family of 3 ⭐️ And this little guy will soon be running all the farm errands and getting to know all his new friends around him πŸ·πŸ“πŸ„ #BirthIsAmazingWhereverItHappens #SurreyHillsTeam #safecare #options #primip #firstimemama #lionkingmoment #showhimtheworld