Paid Classes

The Royal Surrey antenatal education team provide a selection of classes which incur a charge. The money made from these classes goes towards the maternity unit to help improve the service offered to mothers and babies.

Booking is essential; please email with your name, address, contact number and due date or call: 01483 406725.

Birth and Beyond Course (approx. 24 weeks onwards): A four week course that covers all aspects of labour, birth and baby care. These classes are held at The Royal Surrey and within the community and are an excellent way of getting unbiased, midwife led antenatal education while making friends at the same time. Included in the course is a tour of the maternity unit as well as a postnatal reunion once all the babies have arrived! Courses taught in Guildford and Godalming with more locations coming soon. £150 per couple

Hypnobirthing (approx. 26 weeks onwards): Hypnobirthing education taught by experienced practising midwives and qualified hypnobirthing practitioners. Hypnobirthing teaches breathing, relaxation, massage and visualisation techniques to women and their birth partners to help them achieve a calm, gentle birth. Hypnobirthing is not only used by mums wanting a natural labour and birth, but by any mum wanting to learn ways to stay calm, controlled and relaxed during labour and birth. £125 per couple for full day (6 hour) course.

Royal Relaxation (mums only). £60 for 4 weeks (£50 if you have attend hypnobirthing with us). A set of four relaxation classes teaching you a combination of relaxation, hypnobirthing skills and active birth techniques. Each week a different aspect of relaxation for birth will be explored.

Active Birth class (approx. 32 weeks onwards): This 3 hour active birth class teaches you the principles behind having a natural, active birth. Taught by midwives who have years of experience of active birth, this class will teach you breathing, massage and relaxation techniques as well as positions for labour and birth. Natural forms of pain relief are discussed, including labour and birth in the pool, and a tour of the midwife led unit is included as well as a visit to our new Delivery Suite pool room. Perfect if you have had a baby before and want a recap or you are a first time mum wanting to add to the education you have already received.

Waterbirth Workshop The Surrey Hills Home Birth Team present a Waterbirth Workshop for parents to be. With 60% of their clients birthing their babies in water*, and more utilising water to aid them in their labours, the Surrey Hills midwives are very experience at facilitating informed decision making around the use of water in labour and birth, and supporting clients in its use. Over the course of the evening we will explore:

Why water birth?- The benefits of water for mum and baby

Safety, Risks and Special Considerations – What are the risks of labouring and birthing in water ? When/why you might be advised to get out of the pool? What is the Consultant Led pool room and who can access it.

Caring for you and your baby in the water- How we can maintain safety and support you in your choice to labour and/or birth in water. What to wear. Pharmacological pain relief (drugs) and the use of water. The Birth Partners role and coping methods which compliment the use of the pool.

Tour of the maternity units pools (where vacant) including the Midwifery Led pool rooms and the Consultant Led pool. Demonstration (dry) of portable, inflatable, pool used commonly at home.

Please note that due to the nature of the class we will be sharing videos/images of labour and birth in water.

The Parent craft Room,

Antenatal Clinic level B The Royal Surrey County Hospital

Wednesday the 29th of November 2018


£25 per couple with all money going to the maternity unit. Please book via the antenatal education team: email or call: 01483 406725

*Team audit 2016

Baby Care Workshop (included in Birth and Beyond course or £50 per couple). This three hour class teaches you safe sleeping, bathing, nappy changes and more!

Baby Massage Baby massage can be attended from birth although we advise a minimum age of 4 weeks. These small groups led by Royal Surrey Midwives are held in Godalming and Haslemere (more locations coming soon). This four week course is £40. To learn more about the benefits of baby massage click here

Please note that employees have a right to paid time off for antenatal care. ‘Antenatal care’ isn’t just medical appointments – it can also include antenatal or parenting classes if they’ve been recommended by a doctor or midwife. Please visit for more information.