Equipment and Supplies

What you need to arrange/supply

• 24 hour access to a telephone.

• A good torch with batteries in.

• Adequate heating in the room you plan to birth in.

• Means of gently warming baby linen ie hot water bottle or radiator.

• A clean and hot water supply

• Clean hand towel and soap for the midwife

• Plastic sheets for floors and furniture

• Plastic mattress cover for bed or futon

• Plastic bin liners to protect cushions/pillows etc

• Plastic bin bag for rubbish

• Bucket or washing up bowl for wet rubbish or vomit

• Old clean sheets and towels that you don’t mid throwing away (a good supply is needed if you are having a pool)

• Packet of bed incontinence pads or disposable bed time toilet training mats

• Flannel

• Paracetamol and ibuprofen for after birth

• Sanitary towels

• Energy drinks, snacks and straws

For the baby:

• 2 soft towels (old but clean as you will probably need to throw them away, meconium is really sticky!)

• vest

• hat

• babygro or night dress

• cardigan

• booties or socks

• nappies

• cotton wool

• cot sheets and blankets.

Refreshments for the midwife would be appreciated and the use of a toilet, as she may be with you for a number of hours.

Equipment carried by the midwives

Each of the team midwives have basic equipment to monitor your well being and that of your baby during labour. They also carry all the essential equipment to conduct a safe delivery and basic emergency equipment.

We are also equipped to deal with problems that occur unexpectedly at the birth i.e heavy bleeding or a baby that needs help breathing. We have equipment may be necessary in an emergency situation whilst we await paramedic support.
We will bring the necessary equipment into your home once labour is established.

Pain Relief

We would suggest you might like to hire an Obstetric Tens Machine to aid pain relief.

We would strongly recommend the use of a pool for pain relief, which you can either hire or buy. We have found that pools with 3 horizontal rings are better than those with vertical air segments. Extensive research has shown the benefits of having your labour and birth in water.

Home birth team midwives carry a limited amount of Entonox (Gas and Air).

We do not carry opioid analgesia (Pethidine or Meptid) but are able to administer Meptid if it has been prescribed and dispensed in advance by the hospital.

please discuss this with your midwife and she will arrange for you to collect it from the hospital pharmacy.

Many women find that preparing for birth using hypnobirthing or natal hypnotherapy techniques provide them with the necessary coping methods and do not require any pharmacological analgesia (drugs)

Syntometrine and Syntocinon

Syntometrine is a combination drug, given by injection into your thigh, which is used to speed up the delivery of the placenta and membranes and to reduce the chance of heavy blood loss. It may make you vomit. It is your choice as to whether this drug is given as a preventative measure or is only used as a treatment in the event of heavy bleeding. Please discuss this with your midwife prior to the birth.

Syntocinon would be used if your blood pressure becomes raised in labour.