Welcome Home

The team had the pleasure of welcoming this Baby Girl this morning at #home in the #pool with her named midwife supporting her. It was this experienced mother’s 2nd Homebirth with the team. This beautiful cross stitch took her 260hrs to make (!) and made a lovely welcome for her baby daughter. #homebirthjusthappened

A Flying Start..

This gorgeous little boy was in such a hurry, he couldn’t wait to be caught by his Daddy! He chose his own time and place to land earth side and left this beautiful birthspace untouched. A 2nd Homebirth with the Team for this family, and the 3rd in our flurry of births. #Homebirthjusthappened

2020 January – June

It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far, with Covid restrictions and the temporary suspension of the team having a impact on this half years statistics.

83 clients were cared for within our caseload during this period. This includes those clients who were impacted by the temporary suspension of the team due to covid.

Out of these 83 clients, 89% of their babies were breastfeeding or receiving breastmilk at discharge to the health visitors.

52 of these clients changed their planned place of birth prior to the start of active labour – 25 of these were due to the covid suspension. Of these 25 Mums, 14 were still cared for by the team at The Royal Surrey. Additionally we have seen a change from a midwifery led caseload to a mixed caseload with a higher number of clients (24%) joining the caseload having consultant input in their pregnancies.

31 clients from the total caseload were still intending to birth their babies at home at the start of active labour. Of these mothers, 100% had vaginal births, and 84% were cared for by a midwife they knew.

Of these 31 mothers who started labour at home:

5 required transfer in labour, 3 required postnatal transfer (Transfer rate of 26%).

76% had physiological third stages with optimal cord clamping

58% of the births that occurred at home, happened in the pool. A further 10% of clients who laboured at home used the pool for pain relief.

If you would like to learn more about the team and birthing your baby at home, and you live within the team’s catchment https://surreyhillshomebirth.org/about/

Contact us for a one to one chat: rsch.homebirth.referrals@nhs.net

Don’t be an ostrich

alt text: black, white and sepia sketch of an ostrich with its head in the same

This amazing mother didn’t stick her head in the sand when it came to birthing her second baby.

She researched her choices and opted for a #homebirth with the team. Welcoming her little boy in to the world this morning at #home in the #pool #HomebirthJustHappened

Just the beginning …

alt text: print of quote “You are my happy ending” in black grey and red ink framed in a black wooden frame with a cream mount sits in a wooden shelf surrounded with fairy lights.

Yesterday the team spent a perfect afternoon supporting these experienced parents as they welcomed their little one earthside at #home in the pool.