Notable November

Whilst collating our final quarter and whole of 2021 stats *coming soon* we thought we’d pop this up in the meantime .

An amazing 85% of our caseload who were planning a home birth during their pregnancy had a vaginal birth. Of the 13 booked on our caseload, there was 1x Elective Caesarean birth, 1x emergency Caesarean section birth and 1x instrumental birth (planned hospital birth) 100% of those who were planning a home birth and started their labour at home, in our care, had a home birth.

🤰🏼100% of our mums knew the midwife who cared for them in labour

🤰🏼 100% of our mums who birthed at home had a physiological 3rd stage ( natural birth of the placenta)

🤰🏼 69% exclusively breastfeeding and 100% having some beastmilk on discharge from midwifery care

Caseloading speaks for itself and is something we are truly passionate about 🤗⭐️To support informed birth choices Is both a priority and privilege to us all in the Surrey Hills Team ⭐️😁

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