The circle of Life

This incredible first time Mama totally rocked a long latent Phase of labour and we were so privileged to support her at home as she welcomed her little girl 💖 earthside in the #pool at #home ⭐️💖 The 2nd home birth that evening for the Team, having supported another first time Mama at home a few hours earlier. We absolutely LOVE this picture as it captures all the feelings of our amazing caseload #HomeBirthJustHappened #SurreyHillsHomebirthTesm #primip #postbirthoxytocinhigh

This is where the magic Happens

We were privileged to support this incredible 3rd time Mama as she welcomed her little boy 💙 earthside in the early hours of a Friday morning at #home but not quite enough time to get into the pool. His 2 Big sisters were so happy to meet their new baby brother 💖💖💙 *This amazing picture was painted by Daddy* #HomebirthjustHappened #continuity #SurreyHillsTeam