July – September 2020 Stats

We are delighted to share our Team Stats for the last quarter!

Even through all the uncertainties that this year has thrown at everyone, we are so pleased to be offering our homebirth service as normal (with PPE). To support birth choices is both a priority and a privilege to us all in the Surrey Hills Team.

52 families were cared for within our caseload during this period.

Out of these Mums, 93% of their babies were breastfeeding or receiving breastmilk at discharge to the health visitors. A total of 99% of babies were being fed using the feeding method of their mothers intention.

Of the 52 Mothers, 40 were still planning a homebirth at the start of active labour. The 12 babies who were transfers to hospital pre-labour, all received postnatal continuity from the Surrey Hills team. Of these 40 women who started labour at home, 98% had vaginal births.

Of these 40 mothers who started labour at home:

7 required transfer in labour, 3 required postnatal transfer (Transfer rate of 25%).

75% had physiological third stages with optimal cord clamping

48% of the births that occurred at home, happened in the pool. A further 20% of clients who laboured at home used the pool for pain relief.

If you would like to learn more about the team and birthing your baby at home, and you live within the teams catchment, please email us at:


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