We need you to help us celebrate 9 years of the Surrey Hills Homebirth Team

Due to social distancing restrictions we won’t be able to host this year’s summer party and reunion. We can’t let the team’s 9th anniversary pass without celebrating in some way so we would like to mark the occasion virtually on our blog and across our other social media platforms.

We had already decided after last year’s Circus Themed: Your Body, Your Baby, Your Show! that this year we would have a superhero “I grow humans, what’s your superpower?”

The theme feels especially apt in the current pandemic. We are all in awe of all of our superhero families, growing, developing, birthing, teaching, learning, and loving each other in these unprecedented times and we would like to celebrate you.

We are going to dedicate the first week in August to celebrating our entire caseload, sharing your birth stories and testimonials and we would like to culminate the week with a slide show of our caseload, past and present, as you are now. From growing bumps to thriving nine-year olds and everyone in between we would love to share images of the caseloads “babies” and their families.

Superhero fancy dress is encouraged but completely optional. Lucy has created a selection of superhero signs that can be printed out and held up in your pictures if you’d like. We’ve left them black and white so feel free to colour and decorate as you like and there is even a blank hero template for you to add your own words of wisdom/superhero pun/memory.

If you would like to be involved please email your pictures to us at rsch.homebirth.referrals@nhs.net

Subject line: Superhero Picture

Please write in your email that you give us permission to use the attached photograph(s) across the team’s social media platforms (team blog, Royal Surrey Maternity Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram) for the purpose of celebrating the homebirth team’s 9th anniversary and for promoting the team’s homebirth service.

Use of the photo will imply that you are or have been cared for by the team but we will not share any additional personal information.


Click to access big-brother.pdf


Click to access big-sister.pdf



Click to access birth-partner.pdf

Click to access blank-supermum.pdf

Click to access blank-logo.pdf

Click to access superhero-mummy.pdf

Click to access superhero-daddy.pdf

Click to access i-grow-humans.pdf

Click to access home-sweet-hq.pdf

Click to access calm-and-relaxed.pdf

We will make up for it in 2021 when we can all gather together to celebrate our 10th anniversary- We already have a brilliant party theme planned and ideas on how we can make it our best ever celebration!

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