alt text: painting of a heavily pregnant woman kneeling in a blue inflatable birthing pool. A midwife is listening in to the fetal heart with a doppler. The words Nation Homebirth Day are painted on the side of the pool. Image credit Midwife and artist Christie Higginbotham-Jones for #Nationalahomebirthday 2020

Tomorrow is National Homebirth day.

This year the objectives of the day are to:

▪️Address health and birth inequalities #FiveXMore #ContinuityOfCarer

▪️Build a support next work for homebirth providers

▪️celebrate your positive home birth stories with the #IThank campaign

▪️listen to pregnant people from BAME communities, be their advocates and empower them to make their own birth choices #MyBodyMyBaby

Check out the hashtags #NHBD20 and #NationalHomebirthDay2020 across your social media platforms for posts to inform and inspire.

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