Hello my name is Anna and I am so pleased to have recently joined the Surrey Hills Home Birth Team!

During my career I have enjoyed working in different maternity units, I trained in Sheffield, then moved to Chelsea & Westminster and have now settled in Surrey. I have had the privileged of working with different colleagues across varied environments including delivery suites, birth centres and most recently the antenatal ward at Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Whilst a student I was able to look after women wishing to birth at home and realised that when women feel safe, in control and listened to, they are powerful and strong. 

My passion is normality and empowering women to have a positive birth experience and being a home birth midwife means that I can provide continuity of care and get to know women and their families to build trusting relationships. 

Announcing our new arrivals…

You may be aware that the team has been subject to a few changes over the summer.

Firstly our lovely Heather vacated Surrey for pastures new and is now serving families ‘p North in a standalone Midwifery Led Unit.

Heather we miss you but we know that you will continue to be a calm, collected presence for the families in your care and an amazing advocate for women, babies and the wider birth community. They are truly lucky to have you.

Not content with wrangling this coven of midwives, our fearless leader Tanya, wanting an even greater challenge 😉 and the opportunity to develop services and advocate for families on a larger scale, has stepped up in to the role of Intrapartum Matron at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. This role involves overseeing, among other areas, the Surrey Hills Homebirth team. She couldn’t escape us completely!

With all of these changes we felt that we could do with some more help within the team. It is with great pleasure that we announce that we will be welcoming two new midwives in to the team this month. We can’t wait to introduce them to you, in person and online.

Thank you card

Kirsty and her student Sarah received a lovely card from a client this week. We absolutely love reading your kind words and feedback on our service. With your permission we love to share them On our social media accounts to help promote the team and normalise continuity and homebirth.

Did you know that most midwives keep the cards and letters they receive? We can use them feedback for our revalidation process which occurs every three years but most will collect and save all of the cards they get over the course of their careers.

Don’t have time to write a card or note? You can share feedback about your midwife and our maternity service via your Badgernet App! Friends and Family feedback can be accessed via the leaflets tab.

Welcoming Committee

This baby knew exactly when and where to “pitch” up because his sibling had provided a welcoming committee. It was a familiar sight for the stork but an altogether new experience for the egg laying dinosaur!

The team were delighted to support this amazing mum as she birthed her second baby at #home in #water #HomebirthJustHappened #waterbirth #homewaterbirth