There’s No Place like Home

The team were delighted to support these experienced parents over night as they welcomed their second child earthside, their first at home.

2 thoughts on “There’s No Place like Home

  1. Best birthing experience ever!
    The Surrey Hills Home Birth team were super professional, supportive and caring.
    22 hours from waters breaking, in Tena Lady pants, using a TENs machine (OMG amazing pain relief!), birthing ball, gas and air.
    The Hubby and I had all our home comforts from food, a bed, films/ TV to enjoy while we waited those long, comfortable ( for labour) 22 hours.
    Jodie came at 8pm to check and wait, however the baby was too relaxed. I had a sweep to move things along (uncomfortable but necessary).
    Jodie went home and we had some sleep.
    At 1am the baby started moving things along. Obviously the baby was just too comfortable.
    We rang Jodie who came fresh faced for an early morning delivery.
    Super relaxed with, Jodie and Hubby, the amazing TENs machine, some gas and air and our baby girl came in 7mins during active labour at 2:22am.
    I would definitely recommend Home birth if you want a peaceful entry for your little one.
    The team are brilliant.
    Thank you!


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