Your Pregnancy Matters

IMG_6358Some of the Surrey Hills team will be attending The Royal Surrey County Hospital Maternity Services event: Your Pregnancy Matters.

This quarterly information evening is open to pregnant couples and those planning a pregnancy, and is a fantastic way to learn about the models of care and services that the maternity department offers.

Thursday the 19th of January
Maternity Education Centre
St Catherines Ward
Level G
The Royal Surrey County Hospital
Edgerton Rd
GU2 7xx

The evening includes:
*A talk by Antenatal Education Midwife- to explore the classes on offer and the opportunity to discover the best selection of classes for you.
*Members of the Homebirth, Delivery Suite and Midwifery Led Teams available to discuss your care options.
*A talk by a Supervisor of Midwives- explanation of the role, how and when to contact, opportunity to discuss your individual pregnancy/birth plan
*A tour of the maternity unit


For more information about the Royal Surrey Maternity Department, Including upcoming events and classes follow their Facebook page here

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