What is…Acupressure for Pregnancy & Labour

Acupressure is closely linked with acupuncture – it’s the use of pressure directly applied, and in some cases massaged to selected acupuncture points to achieve a specific benefit.

Originating in China circa 400BC, it is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine and can make significant impacts to your health and wellbeing, and really help your body adjust to the aches and pains you may experience in the third trimester and then use to prepare your body for giving birth, manage labour pains, and help improve labour outcomes, all without the side effects from drugs used for the same reasons.

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Sebastien’s Arrival

The pregnancy had been very similar to my first. The first 3 months were tough with the tiredness and having a cold/cough for over a month! It was made even tougher having to look after a toddler too.

Around 36-37 weeks, baby dropped significantly and I found it very difficult to move around a lot or for long periods of time. I had seen a chiropractor that had really helped my right hip but this I knew she would not be able to help with. Moving around at night was a particular chore.

From 37+3, I began getting more intense Braxton hicks with period pains every evening. It felt a lot like labour with my daughter. I would then go to bed and they would die off.

At 38+5, I woke up and went to the toilet and found that I had passed an enormous show. I let Tanya and Deana know. That night around 19-19.30, I started having more regular intense tightenings, which were actually getting quite regular. I said to my husband to get the pool sorted. They then began to slowly die down. I again went to bed and they did completely.
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